Nelogica was founded in 2003 in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The company focuses on providing solutions for the financial market, and its main products are trading platforms for the Brazilian Stock Exchange (B3) and crypto exchanges.

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My experience at Nelogica

I worked for Nelogica in Porto Alegre, my hometown. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company went temporarily remote, and my work model was updated accordingly.

Software Development Manager for Corporate Applications teams (from Jan 2019 to Apr 2021)

I served as the head of the development teams in the Corporate Applications sector, responsible for the institutional website, billing system, extranet for brokers and partners, and integration systems.

My responsibilities included defining the teams’ strategy and vision, planning headcount, and building the team’s roadmap, collaboratively with the product, commercial, marketing, people, and financial teams.

Through the development and leadership of my teams, I expanded the sector from two teams of fewer than 10 engineers to five teams, with a total of up to 30 engineers, supporting the growth and evolution of the organization.