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My name is Eduardo Klein, and I am a Brazillian software engineering manager. I’m also a husband and a proud father of two. I live with my family in Porto Alegre.

Currently I work for VTEX in the digital commerce industry. My team is part of the Merchant Journey, and our business vertical inside the journey is responsible for developing and maintain solutions to integrate external marketplaces to the VTEX platform. I’m working remotely from my home town.

I have also previous experience in software development within the financial market and mobile device management. You can understand more about my career from my LinkedIn profile.

This site is a personal project to practice writing in English. So please be patient with me, alright?

I plan to write in the blog about a variety of topics, such as my professional experience with leadership, management, and software engineering, but also about random stuff such as books, personal finance (I really enjoy the stock market), family, and more.