Hello and welcome! I am Eduardo Klein, a Brazilian software engineering manager who works for VTEX in the digital commerce industry.

On this site, I write about my professional experience in leadership, management, and software engineering in the technology industry. I occasionally write about other personal interests.

If you seek my support, feel free to contact me for mentorship!

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Recent Posts

Reasons People Get Laid Off

4 minute read

A summary of the HBR.org article 5 Reasons People Get Laid Off, by Marlo Lyons.

NLP Meta-Model

3 minute read

A neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) tool designed to enhance communication by addressing its deletions, distortions and generalizations.

Becoming a Toastmaster

1 minute read

This month I joined the Toastmasters International organization to pursue my development in communication and leadership. I joined the Nós Toastmasters Club,...

Production x Production Capability

2 minute read

The P/PC Balance is a concept first introduced by Stephen Covey, and a key principle for achieving effectiveness and long-term success.