Hello and welcome! I am Eduardo Klein, a Brazilian software engineering manager who works for VTEX in the digital commerce industry.

On this site, I write about my professional experience in leadership, management, and software engineering in the technology industry. I occasionally write about other personal interests.

If you seek my support, feel free to contact me for mentorship!

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Recent Posts

How the World Really Works

less than 1 minute read

Today I finished reading How the World Really Works, a reading recommendation I received from a Bill Gates recommended reading video and I became really inte...

The Shu-Ha-Ri Way of Learning

2 minute read

Shu-Ha-Ri is a Japanese martial art concept that we use to describe the stages of learning.

What is Continuous Delivery?

2 minute read

Continuous Delivery is a DevOps technical practice that lets us make changes into production quickly and reliably. Let’s recap its principles and foundations.

Software Engineering Team Size

3 minute read

A collection of valuable insights about how to size software engineering teams, a core principle of organizational design in tech companies.

Taking Notes of One-on-ones

3 minute read

Taking notes of one-on-one meetings is an important step to support the growth of your direct reports and help you keep track of it.

Effective Communication

2 minute read

The way we communicate with other people has a big impact on the effectiveness of the message we want to deliver.

Code Kata

less than 1 minute read

Code Kata is a programming exercise that helps software developers improve their coding skills through practice.