Every Monday morning, I run a weekly planning ritual. This is important to reflect on what comes ahead and prioritize projects and tasks, not just live on autopilot mode.

This process is tailored to my personal life, career, and work needs. I’m constantly adapting it. I do not recommend anyone to follow it strictly but adjust it to your needs.

I run it as follows:

Review my agenda

First thing, I review my agenda for the whole week. Currently, I use Google Calendar.

Often, people from work schedule some slots in my agenda, or important corporate events suddenly appear on it. In this step, I decide what I will attend and what I won’t, and solve any conflicts. I may open some async conversations to help solve it.

I know that the week won’t stick perfectly to the plan. That is not the objective. The idea is to be intentional about what I will prioritize this week. Some adjustments to the plan are expected along the way. I can count on the daily planning for that.

Review projects and tasks

This is the moment I look into the big picture: I review initiatives and projects and check if I should prioritize something in my next actions lists.

At work, I usually check our quarter and current cycle initiatives. At VTEX, we have a 6-week planning cadence, and I check our planning tools.

Regarding my personal life and career development, I refer to my projects in my Todoist. I organize my projects list into areas. If I wish to work on something proactively, I put it in my schedule or any of my next actions lists.