Hello and welcome! I am Eduardo Klein, a Brazilian software engineering manager who works for VTEX in the digital commerce industry.

On this site, I write about my professional experience in leadership, management, and software engineering in the technology industry. I occasionally write about other personal interests.

If you seek my support, feel free to contact me for mentorship!

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Recent Posts

The 5 Trademarks of Agile Organizations

3 minute read

The Five Trademarks of Agile Organizations is a great article shared by McKinsey & Company, that I discovered when studying Cloud & DevOps: Continuou...

Deceptive Design

1 minute read

Deceptive design, also known as dark patterns, is a practice where a website or app uses some trick to take advantage of you; to make you do something you ot...

The Habit of Saving

2 minute read

The habit of consistently saving a part of what you earn is a fundamental principle of most, if not all, approaches to building wealth.

DEFCON Process

2 minute read

An established protocol to guide deployment routines.

Different Types of Schedules

2 minute read

There is this great article, “Maker’s schedule, manager’s schedule”, written by Paul Graham, that covers the differences between the schedules of makers (whi...

Stewardship Delegation

1 minute read

A delegation approach focused on results that establishes up-front mutual understanding and commitment regarding expectations in five areas: desired results,...


less than 1 minute read

Welcome to my new homepage and blog. This site is hosted in my GitHub, built with Jekyll and Reverie as theme.