A template of how I take personal notes about a direct report, as described in this blog post.

Personal Info

  • Alice was born in Igrejinha/RS, Brazil
  • She has a bachelor’s degree in computer science from UFRGS
  • Since 2010, when she enrolled at UFRGS, she lives in Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • She has two children, Dudu is 9yo and Theo is 1yo (2022)
  • She loves to play guitar!



  • 2022-04 - Pay raise
    • Current base salary: US$ Y / New base salary: Z
  • 2021-02 - Recognition - Software Engineer - L2
    • Current base salary: US$ X / New base salary: Y
  • 2019-04 - Admission - Software Engineer - L1


2022-09-21 - Release problems

Alice didn’t monitor her last deployment properly, and it caused a high error rate when it went to production. Because of that, we took 2 hours to roll back to our previous version. It was not the first time, so I need to define clearer expectations and have a candid conversation about this incident.